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What Leaders Are Saying
Guggenheim Museum, like all non-profits and art centers, depends on its patrons and well-wishers for its sustenance and growth.

V.A. Shiva and his team deployed solutions to optimize, benefit and complement each other. They adopted a holistic approach to Guggenheim’s communication needs.
The Solomon Guggenheim Museum

"We chose to work with V.A. Shiva, Dr. E-Mail, for his singular industry expertise and the unique technology he pioneered that receives, manages and scientifically routes huge volumes of inbound E-Mail, that ensures high priority in responding to them."
Citigroup Global Holdings

"Since 2006, we chose to work with V.A. Shiva and his company EchoMail for both outbound campaigns and electronic data storage. A strong reason for our choosing to work with Dr. E-Mail and his team is for their long association and binding interest in serving non-profits and service organizations."
American Red Cross

"In 2008 RE/MAX entered into a strategic relationship with Dr. E-Mail’s technology and expertise to meet our vast electronic communication challenge. We chose them to strengthen our relationship with our existing client base and to reach out effectively to potential customers worldwide."

Hilton Hotels became America's first coast-to-coast hotel chain in 1943. As of April 2007, there are 229 Hilton branded hotels across the world wit partnerships with many airlines and car rental companies.

Hilton chose Dr. E-Mail and EchoMail in 2007 to enhance the quality of our service through world class customer response management enabled by the technology he pioneered at EchoMail's after a long and industry wide search for the best solution.
Hilton Hotels

"Union Bank of California (UBOC) stands for comprehensive financial solutions for individuals and businesses. It honors the commitment of its founders through superior service to its employees, share holders and the community it serves.

V.A. Shiva impressed us with his amazing knowledge of E-Mail. We initially began on exploring inbound e-mail management, later making him and his organization a strategic communication partner in 2005."
Union Bank of California

"Sands Anderson, which began, as a small Richmond office around 1850, is one of Virginia's largest law firms today with over 75 attorneys and five offices.

Dr. E-Mail, V.A. Shiva, is a great partner. He listens, understands and follows through. He and his team have helped us define our innovative electronic communication programs, leading the legal industry."
Sands Anderson

"M.E.R. is a highly specialized executive search firm dedicated to the Direct Marketing, CRM, BPO and call center industry.

M.E.R. chose Dr. E-Mail and EchoMail to stay in constant touch with our client base and maintain high-level communication updates with senior management."
McDaniel's Executive Recruiters

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